Atlantic Salmon Genome Sequence

The International Cooperation to Sequence the Atlantic Salmon Genome (ICSASG) is pleased to make the contigs, scaffolds and chromosomes of the Atlantic salmon genome assembly, ICSASG_v2, available prior to its publication so that salmonid biologists can make use of the sequence to enhance their own research projects.

ICSASG_v2 replaces the previous assembly, ASM23337v1, which has been publicly available in GenBank since October 2011. The ICSASG_v2 de novo assembly was generated by the MuSuRCA assembler, which was developed at the University of Maryland, using Sanger reads produced by Beckman Coulter and Illumina reads produced by the J Craig Venter Institute. Assembly improvements were made with PacBio reads from the University of Oslo and by integrating information from the high density genetic map constructed by CIGENE at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

ICSASG_v2 comprises 965,912 contigs with an N50 contig length of 36kb. The 500 largest scaffolds represent >50% of the estimated 3 Gb genome. The contigs,scaffolds and chromosomes are in GenBank, and the process has begun to make the scaffold and chromosome assemblies publicly available on ENSEMBL and the UCSC genome browser.

Please use the ICSASG_v2 assembly responsibly, and provide feedback to the ICSASG if you find any concerns with it: