The ICISB 2014 to ICISB 2016 conferences were initiated by and has been made possible through the support of the International Cooperation to Sequence the Atlantic Salmon Genome (ICSASG). ICSASG was established in 2009 and is comprised of public and private member organizations and aquaculture industries from Canada, Chile and Norway who are committed to oversee and provide funding for the sequencing effort.

Meeting Co-Chairs

Rachael Ritchie, Genome British Columbia (Canada)

Steinar Bergseth, The Research Council of Norway (Norway)

Marcela Angulo, Corporación de Fomento de la Producción – CORFO (Chile)

Alfredo Tello,  Instituto Tecnológico del Salmón – INTESAL (Chile)

The co-chairs are supported by the Executive Scientific Committee of ICSASG:

  • William Davidson, Simon Fraser University
  • Patricia Iturra, University of Chile
  • Inge Jonassen, University of Bergen
  • Steven Jones, Simon Fraser University
  • Ben Koop, University of Victoria
  • Sigbjørn Lien, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Alejandro Maass, University of Chile
  • Stig W. Omholt, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Rodrigo Vidal, University of Santiago